Nat Pendleton

Nathaniel " Nat" Greene Pendleton ( born August 9, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa, † October 11, 1967 in San Diego ) was an American wrestler and winner of the silver medal at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp in free style in the heavyweight division and a film actor.


Nat Pendleton was the son of a farmer from Iowa. Shortly after his birth his family moved first to Cincinnati, Ohio and a little later to New York City. In New York, Nat began with the rings. Thanks to his character, he soon became a good heavyweight, who preferred the free style.

In New York Nat attended Columbia University and was a member of the New York Athletic Club. 1914 and 1915 he won the championship of lying on the East Coast States (Eastern Championships ) and in 1916 U.S. champion amateur athletes Union ( AAU) in free style at heavyweight.

In 1920 he took part in the Olympic Games in Antwerp. He first started in the unfamiliar for him Greco-Roman light heavyweight and retired after a defeat against the Danes John Erikssen after the first round. In the free style, he took up in the heavyweight division. He defeated the Finns Sven Mattsson on points and shouldered in the next fight the Swedes Ernst Nilsson. In the final battle for the gold medal he lost then the Swiss champion wrestler Robert Roth disputed on points and won the silver medal.

After his return to the USA was a professional wrestler Nat Pendleton. He practiced this sport for seven years. In 1924 he began a film career in Hollywood as well, when he worked until 1956 in more than 100 films. In 1936, he presented it in the strip The Great Ziegfeld 's famous strength athletes and bodybuilders Eugen Sandow dar.

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