Nauru First

Naoero Amo (Nauru First ), also Nauru First Party ( NFP ) is a formal political party in the Republic of Nauru. Your position tends to be liberal and Christian- democratic; it is committed to transparency in government. The founding members include, inter alia, Kieren Keke, David Adeang (former Finance Minister) and Marlene Moses (former health minister ).

In the elections of 2003, three members of the Naoero Amo were elected: David Adeang, Kieren Keke and Riddel Akua. Adeang became Minister of Finance and Keke Minister of Health, Sports, and Traffic. Akua became chairman of the Nauruan phosphate society. The ministers lost their posts again, was ousted as president Ludwig Scotty's government in August 2003. With Scotty Adeang and Keke returned on 22 June 2004 back to the executive.

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