New York Film Critics Circle

The New York Film Critics Circle Award is a film award, which is awarded since 1935 every year by the Association of Film Critics New York Film Critics Circle.


The New York Film Critics Circle was established in 1935 in response to a series of pricing decisions at Oscar ceremonies that have been generally criticized by film critics in the Eastern U.S.. They threw the Oscar jury in particular as a function of the California Film Studios and the Hollywood Partikulargeschmack.

Film Awards

The movie price that the New York Film Critics Circle awards annually since 1935, is one of the highest honors that can get in the U.S., a film or a film artist. Currently, the organization has 29 film critic New York daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and magazines. They met each year by 2010, almost always in December in order to identify among the films that have come out in the course of the year their winners and announce. The award ceremony was followed one month later, in January. 2011, the announcement of the winners was brought forward to the end of November.

The New York Film Critics Circle Award is ( " awarded for " calls the film year, not the year of the award ) awarded in the following categories: