New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress

New York Film Critics Circle Award: Best Actress

Winner of the New York Film Critics Cirle Award in the category Best Actress ( Best Actress).

The most successful in this category was the American actress Meryl Streep, who won 1982-2011 the price four times. The three successful were the British actresses Deborah Kerr, Glenda Jackson, and Julie Christie, the U.S. women Joanne Woodward and Sissy Spacek as well as the Norwegian Liv Ullmann. 30 times succeeded Film Critics Association to present pre- Oscar winner, most recently in 2013 happened with the victory of the Australian Cate Blanchett ( Blue Jasmine ).

* = Actresses, who won for her role later won the Oscar for Best Actress of the Year 1984 ** = winner Peggy Ashcroft was awarded later for her role with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress of the Year

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