Nick Hits (Netherlands & Flanders)

Nick Hits is an offshoot of the U.S. and the Nickelodeon world's first digital music station for children in the Netherlands and Flanders.


Are sent exclusively music videos for children between 7 and 16 years. Nick Hits is one of three digital Nick offshoot in the Netherlands. The other two are Nick Jr. and Nicktoons. Nick Hits broadcasts 24 hours and every day. There are also in addition to the station a CD with the latest artists, similar to the Toggo Music series.

The station plays music from popular child-oriented international bands and musicians such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, Christina Aguilera, Pixie Lott, Robbie Williams, Sugababes and The Jonas Brothers. However, there are also Dutch singers or groups like Circus Circus Jan Smit, Nick & Simon, Ch! pz, KUS or Djumbo.

All channels changed their logos on 31 March 2010 on the new style of Nickelodeon.


In Latin America existed at the weekend a program window named Nick hits, but this had nothing to do with the Dutch television channel " Nick hits". On Nick Hits Latin America, the best of the old Nicktoons were shown. To the rebranding of the Nickelodeon logo in Latin America, the block by nick at nite ( nick @ nite ) has been replaced.

Station logos

Old logo until 31 March 2010

Alternative version of the old logo

The logo of Nick Hits Latin America