Norton Sound

Map of Nortonsunds

Sledge Iceland at the junction of the Sound to the open sea

The Norton Sound (English Norton Sound) is an estuary of the Bering Sea on the western coast of Alaska.


The Sound is located south of the Seward Peninsula and extends 240 km into the mainland. It reaches a maximum width of 200 km. The southern boundary is the alluvial flat land of the Yukon Delta.

The rear part of the Sound is bounded on the north by Cape Darby and on the south by the Stuart Iceland. Here is the Norton Bay, which is bordered by Cape Darby and Cape Denbigh and in the leads, among others, the Koyuk River. Before the eastern coast of the island Nortonsunds Besboro Iceland lies.

From June to October, the Sound is ice-free.


The first settlement was held by Indians. The Sound forms the natural border between two North American nations: the north coast was colonized by the Inupiat, the south by the Yupik.

The largest settlement took place on the northern coast of Nortonsunds. The nearly 4,000 residents great city Nome lies at the entrance of the Sound. This is followed by other small towns and villages up to Koyuk at the mouth of the river of the same name. To the east of the Sound Shaktoolik and Unalakleet are. Near the Stuart Island are Stebbins and Saint Michael. At the southwest end of the Pastol Bay, at the southern entrance of the Sound is Kotlik.