The word Nu has the following meanings:

  • Very short period of time, moment (Example: In an instant she had finished );
  • A Chinese people, see Nu ( people );
  • A god of Egyptian mythology, see Nu ( mythology);
  • The symbol for the Nusselt number;
  • A movie, see Nu ( film);
  • Austrian magazine for Jews and Jewish issues interested, see Nu (magazine);
  • To classify a tendency within the pop music, " modernized " styles with the term " Nu ", see Nu (Music);

Nu is the name of:

  • Nu ( Champasak ) 1811 ruler of the Kingdom of Champasak

The interjection nu has the following meaning:

  • Regionally common term for " yes " in Saxony ( Meißenische, Lausitzische dialects ) and Lower Silesia ( cf. Czech ano = yes ); "Nu " is pronounced with a short "u" followed by glottal stop

NU is the name of:

  • NU (band), American band music
  • NU ( Danish band ), Danish electro-pop music band

The abbreviation stands for NU

  • The Bhutanese currency Ngultrum
  • The Naresuan University, Phitsanulok (Thailand)
  • The Pacific island of Niue, according to ISO 3166
  • An older software by Peter Norton, Norton Utilities
  • Negative utilitarianism
  • The Ukrainian party Nasha Ukraine Corporation
  • Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia
  • Nihon Koku Transocean, Japanese airline ( IATA code )
  • Nunavut, Canadian territory (ISO code )

NU as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Neu- Ulm
  • UK: Stockton -on-Tees
  • Italy: Province of Nuoro
  • Norway: Skien in Telemark province

Nu is:

  • The top -level domain of Niue, see. nu

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