The church seen from the cemetery in Obfelden

Obfelden (Swiss German: Obfälde ) is a municipality in the district Affoltern the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The municipality comprises the hamlets Unterlunnern, Oberlunnern, Wolsen, Toussen and Bickwil and the resulting after cleavage of Ottenbach Chilefeld (Swiss German Underlunnere, Oberlunnere, Wolse, Tousse, Bickwiil, Chilefäld ).

Coat of arms

" Azure, held together by a golden band with free ends fluttering bundles of five golden ears of corn alternating with six golden leaves. "

The ears symbolize the five hamlets.


Obfelden belongs to Knonaueramt and is located on the Reuss river, which forms the border with the Canton of Aargau. The community also shares land borders with the Canton train. The air distance from Zurich is about 14 kilometers, approximately 13 kilometers by train.

Neighboring municipalities are Ottenbach, Affoltern am Albis, Mettmenstetten, Maschwanden, Hünenberg, Unterrüti.


First settlements on Obfelder area can be traced back to the Stone Age. Findings are indicative of a Neolithic settlement. Bronze bracelets from the 7th century BC indicate a Celtic settlement. During the Roman period was below the present hamlet Unterlunnern a small Vicus with central buildings and probably with port facilities on the river Reuss. The settlement name Lunnern (perhaps of Celtic- Latin Londinaria ) is still part of the cultural contact between Romanic -speaking population and the parts themselves from the 7th century AD colonizing Alemanni. Excavations were previously held only in the form of random sampling. Already in 1741, however, the gold treasure of Unterlunnern was discovered: The originating from the end of the 3rd century AD hoard is located in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.

From the 7th to the 11th century originated in today's municipal area five hamlets: The ans antique Lunnern ATTACHING Unterlunnern and Oberlunnern and - somewhat further away from the Reuss - Toussen (probably home from Old High German Dunines, " Home / Village of Duni ", first documented 1325 as Tunsen ) Wolsen (probably from Old High German ze Wolines hovun, " in the courts of the Woli ", mentioned in 1218 as Woloshoven and 1311 as Wolunsun ) and Bickwil (probably from Old High German Biccin wilari, is " hamlet of BICCO " in 1150 as Biggwile ).

The upper communities " but penetrate seriously that you ponded depressions them a school if the field, [: On February 15, 1847, the five civil parishes separated if the field (first so called in 1651 in a letter of Ottenbacher pastor Hans Kaspar Müller ... ]. ") Otten of Bach and founded the new unified community Obfelden. The key part in this elimination was the cotton and silk manufacturer Rudolf Stehli - house army (1816-1884), which was directed in this matter in 1846 with a letter to Alfred Escher. The later liberal National Council and railway promoters had opened in 1840 Oberlunnern a silk mill, which ushered in the industrialization of the village.

1847 provided the Kirchenbauarchitekt Ferdinand Stadler plans for a church in the village, whose construction was financed to a large extent by the patron Stehli Silk - house army. In the environment of the Church within a few years was the hamlet of Chile field, which formed the center of the new town and parish house, community center, doctor's house and school house.



Mayor Thomas Ammann (as of 2014)


The community is accessible by three bus routes: Affoltern am Albis - Ottenbach (212 via the village road, 213 via Bickwil ) and Affoltern am Albis - Muri (217 via the village road). Since 13 November 2009, the community has a common highway connection with Affoltern am Albis.


  • Andreas Gut ( occupied 1557-1589 ), author of notification to the Zurich authorities Scripture " Teüffern supplication inn the dominion Knonow »
  • Veronika Good (1705-1737), executed as a child murderer, their statements led to the dismissal and arrest of the pastor Ottenbacher
  • Rudolf Stehli - home army (1816-1884), industrialist and National
  • Paul Gysler (1893-1966), politician

Pictures of Obfelden