Okocim is a place in the powiat Brzesko in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship in Poland. Okocim belongs to the urban and rural community Brzesko.

The population is approximately 1,900 (as of 2006).


Okocim is about 2 km south of Brzesko and 49 kilometers east of Krakow. To the west of the village is bordered by the river Uszwica.


The first mention of Okocim dates from the year 1344 by King Casimir the Great, he confirmed in the Castellan of Kraków, the Comes Specimir, possession of Okocim. Until 1512 the village remained in family ownership then it went to Piotr Czerny.

1634 a small wooden church was built but earlier there was already a chapel.

1846 was founded by John Goetz brewery.

1975 - 1998 belonged to the voivodeship Tarnów Okocim

Economy and Transport

In Okocim is the same brewery, 1996, the company Carlsberg went into the company.

West of the town runs the Droga Krajowa DK 75

Sons and daughters

  • Julian Nowak (1865-1946), Polish bacteriologist, politician and Prime Minister
  • Władysław Orlicz (1903-1990), Polish mathematician