Olga Vasdeki

Olga Vasdeki (Greek Όλγα Βασδέκη, Olga - Anastasia Vasdeki; born September 26, 1973 in Volos ) is a former Greek triple jumper.

Olga Vasdeki improved from 1993 to 1998 eleven times the Greek record of 13.37 m to 14.64 m. They launched a successful series of Greek triple jumper, who was continued by Paraskevi Tsiamita and Chrysopigi Devetzi.


The international breakthrough Olga Vasdeki in 1996. At the European Indoor Championships in Stockholm, she won with 14.30 m bronze behind Iwa Prandschewa (BUL ) and Sarka Kašpárková (CZE ). At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, she was with 14,44 m Fifth, however, was half a meter behind the bronze medal. At the 1997 World Championships she won with 14.62 m in fourth place, five feet behind the third-placed Olena Howorowa (UKR ).

Also Fourth Vasdeki was at the European Indoor Championships in Valencia in 1998. With 14,29 m, it was this time three feet behind the third-placed Jelena Lebedenko (RUS ). In the summer at the European Championships 1998 in Budapest Vasdeki jumped 14.59 meters the longest distance qualification. The final she won with 14.55 m gossamer before Sarka Kašpárková with 14,53 m and Teresa Marinowa (BUL ) 14.50 m. End of the season they won the World Cup in Johannesburg with 14.64 m in front of Tatyana Lebedeva (RUS ) 14.36 m.

At the 1999 World Championships in Seville Olga Vasdeki jumped 14.61 meters as far as Yamilé Aldama (CUB ), but this was defeated because of the poorer second- best effort. Olga Vasdeki won bronze because her compatriot Tsiamita won with 14,88 m. In July 1999 Vasdeki had set up with her ​​best jump 14.67 m, at this time, but they had been already replaced by Tsiamita as national record holder.

In Sydney at the Olympic Games in 2000 Vasdeki was with 14,15 m Seventh. At the World Athletics Championships in Paris in 2003, she was with 14,08 m Twelfth, at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 ranged 14.34 m yet to eleventh place.

Olga Vasdeki is married to her coach Panayiotis Markianidis, a former sprinter. At a height of 1.75 m her competition weight was 60 kg. Her older brother Spyridon Vasdekis was also successful internationally as a long jumper.