Oliver (Film)

Oliver is the screen adaptation of the musical by Lionel Bart in 1968, which in turn used the famous novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens as a template. In the film, some actors played with from the musical.


Oliver, the foundling, leads a dreary life in an orphanage. The children have to work hard and get only gruel to eat. A visit to the orphanage takes place and the half-starved children need to view what is being dished out to the delegation - roasts, vegetables, side dishes abound. The children are now pushed right to their misery and begins a dare. Who pulls the longest blade of grass, have to ask for an extra portion of gruel. Oliver pulls the stalk and asks for an extra portion of food.

Decide the delegation and the home superintendent, Oliver giving away against payment of money, because he had dared to ask for more food. He is " sold " to a funeral director. Meanwhile, fellow insulted and humiliated him, which he accepts without complaint. But when the journeyman drags foul on Oliver's mother, the boy is furiously to the journeymen. He is overwhelmed by the wife of undertaker and his daughter. The head is brought home and you counseled about Oliver's fate, as discovered this by chance an escape route through a window. Oliver flees to London.

Here he meets The Artful Dodger. He belongs to a gang of thieves, which belongs to the small criminal Fagin. Oliver finds shelter there and learns by Artful Dodger and Fagin the first time in his life and is enthusiastic appreciation. However, he is much too trusting and naive to get the idea that could incite the wrong things by his benefactor. Prompt Oliver is taken in its first round of theft, than the rich Mr. Brownlow is stolen. In court, it turns out his innocence. Mr. Brownlow takes him and makes him take care of him by his housekeeper.

When he shall return one day books, he is kidnapped by Nancy. Shortly thereafter, he should break for Bill Sikes in a house. The slump fails and Sikes dies during the subsequent flight. Oliver comes after back to Mr. Brownlow, who has since found out that Oliver is his grandson.

Production Notes

  • The production design is by John Box
  • The costumes gave Phyllis Dalton
  • The buildings created Terence Marsh
  • As a makeup artist, George Frost was responsible
  • The composer Johnny Green contributed additional music on
  • Locations were the Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England.


Academy Awards 1969

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Art
  • Best Music
  • Best Sound

Other nominations:

  • Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Ron Moody for Best Actor
  • Best Camera
  • Best Costumes
  • Jack Wild as Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Editing


" Charles Dickens ' novel Oliver Twist" in a musical processing, which experienced a brilliant staging, but misses the socio-critical core of the book. Touching the conversation ends very sensational. "