Omnibus (Film)

  • Daniel Rialet: Martichoux
  • Jacques Martial: ticket inspector
  • Christian Rauth: Driver Errol
  • Brigitte Auber: friendly woman
  • Patric Jamain: courteous passenger

Omnibus is a French short film by Sam Karmann from 1992. He was shot in Boulogne -sur- Mer, Pas -de -Calais.


Martichoux is like every day increased over the passenger train to go to work. He wants to get in Cateau- Cambrésis, but the schedule has changed. The train no longer holds in Cateau- Cambrésis, but goes right through after Desvres. Martichoux is desperate and not just because he has not solved a extra ticket for the longer distance. He would have to take a bus from Desvres after Cateau- Cambrésis take and would be late for work. This would mean his resignation because he has already received two warnings. The termination would in turn also the end of his marriage. The ticket inspector can not help Martichoux, however, brings him to driver Errol. He can not hold due to the electronics the train unexpectedly, but Martichoux offers to cut off at Cateau- Cambrésis the trip to 10 km / hr. Both count up and countdown Martichoux manages to jump from the train and flow to it alongside the cars, not to falter. The ship guests applaud, but a man in the next car at the last second heaves Martichoux back in the car - he thought that this behind running behind the train, and is believed to have helped him not to miss the car. Martichoux remains perplexed.


Omnibus won at the International Film Festival of Cannes 1992 Palme d'Or for Best Short Film. It was founded in 1993 for "Best Short Film " won an Oscar in the category. He received the same years a BAFTA for Best Short Film. He was also nominated for a César for Best Short Film.