OpenZaurus is based on OpenEmbedded embedded Linux distribution for almost the entire Sharp Zaurus PDA series. To graphical desktops GPE and OPIE are supported ( experimental support also exists for XFCE and E17). Furthermore, it is also a pure text console without graphical desktop image available.


OpenZaurus saw the light of day as an alternative operating system image for the Sharp Zaurus PDA. The original intent of the project was to create an image that the wishes of the developer community corresponded more closely than the original Sharp Image. Initially this very SharpROM was simply taken as the basis and on the basis of changes made ​​, bugs fixed, added software, or even removed in order to make the whole package free.

A short time later it was designed from the ground up and has long been a ajar to Debian Embedded Linux distribution. In this respect was and is OpenZaurus quite similar to other Debian-based embedded Linux distributions such as Familiar Linux for the iPaq. In fact, both projects now based on the OpenEmbedded build system for both distributions ( and many other embedded systems) provides the software base and just the build system.

On 26 April 2007 it was announced that the work on OpenZaurus favor of the Angstrom project is set.