Maemo is an operating system for mobile devices and a development platform to program applications for the Nokia Internet Tablets and other maemo compliant handheld. Initiated by Nokia platform consists largely of customized free software which it has in common with many Linux distributions. Maemo was intended as an alternative to Palm OS or the successor webOS, Windows CE, Symbian OS or Android.

Maemo is based on the Linux kernel and the free Desktop GNOME. Nokia joined in this context as a patron of the GNOME project.

With the acquisition of Trolltech in 2008, Nokia had the GTK Qt competitors in their own home. Since maemo Qt 5.0 is offered in parallel with GTK .

At the Mobile World Congress in February 2010 it was announced that Maemo would be merged with Intel's Moblin platform to the new MeeGo project. In September 2011, Intel announced that MeeGo and LiMo should be continued as Tizen.

Hildon desktop

The optimized to handheld use GTK framework of the project named " Hildon ". It differs from the GNOME framework, in particular by waiving weighty packages such as Bonobo, since mobile devices have less memory than PCs or laptops.

Version History

( Maemo 6)


Since the sources of Maemo are freely available and speak no legal reasons to the contrary, it can be ported to virtually any sufficiently powerful ARM smartphone or tablet relatively simple. Nokia even saw use on high-end tablets.