Otto I, Duke of Swabia and Bavaria

Otto I (* 954, † October 31 982 in Lucca ) from the noble family of the Ottos was 973-982 Duke of Swabia and 976-982 Duke of Bavaria.


Otto was the only son Liudolf of Swabia and his wife Ida ( Ita ), daughter of Duke Hermann I of Swabia. Otto was thus a grandson of the Emperor Otto I.. His sister Mathilde was Abbess of Essen.

In the year 982 he accompanied a close confidant of Otto II this on his Italian campaign. He survived on 13 July 982 at Crotone (Calabria ) the defeat of the Imperial Army at the Battle of Cape Colonna. On the way back he died on 31 October 982 in Lucca his injuries; other sources give November 1 as the date of death. The cause of death also malaria is specified.

Otto was buried in the basilica of St. Peter and Alexander, Aschaffenburg, he had very encouraged.

In the history of the Duchy of Swabia, he left little trace ( Zettler p. 152). He was Count in Raetia and had the self- Einsiedeln Monastery.

The Otto - Mathilda Cross located in Essen Cathedral Otto is pictured next to his sister on the donor plate.