Palczewice ( German Palzwitz ) is a village in the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship and is part of the rural community Darłowo (Rügenwalde ) in a circle Sławno ( Schlawe ).

Geographical location

Palczewice located in Pomerania, about nine kilometers northeast of the city Darłowo (Rügenwalde ) on the eastern shore of the inland sea Jezioro Kopań ( Vitter lake). Neighboring locations are: in the west Kopań ( Kopahn ), in the north Wicie ( Vitte ), to the east Barzowice ( Barzwitz ) and Drozdowo, and south Kopnica ( Köpnitz ). The grounds on the edge of an end moraine falls flat wavy towards the lake down.


Palzwitz is with Stemmnitz (Polish today: Staniewice ) have heard about 1280 for Premonstratensian nunnery in Stolp ( Slupsk ). Then it had Jertslaw, also Jaroslaus owned, who called himself by Palsewische. He is widely descended the Zitzewitz family.

Palzwitz has always belonged to Rügenwalder office and was run as a ducal Barbican, whose size was given as 1241 morning. 1784 two Kossäten be specified in addition to the Vorwerk. Later, from the ducal Vorwerk a royal domain, then state domain.

1823 is the family of divers tenants of the domain. During this period, 99 residents were registered, the number of which until 1905 rising to 192 in 1939 and 156 is.

Before 1945 was Palzwitz seat of a central registry office, but belonged to the district court area Rügenwalde.

Towards the end of World War II, Soviet troops reached on March 6, 1945 Location. The population was evacuated to German Puddiger ( Podgórki ). When returning after seven weeks to Pentecost all the houses were looted, and it was much cattle died. The village was administered for five years by a Soviet headquarters. During this time no evictions took place. After that, the town was placed under Polish administration. Palzwitz was renamed Palczewice. The Poles seized the farmland, and the domain Drosedow was struck again Palzwitz. The population was not allowed to leave Palzwitz and was forced to work on the state farms. It was not until 1956 resettlement was possible in the context of family reunification. The last German Mayor was Fritz divers. He was abducted on March 15, 1945 and died three and a half months later.

Today Palzwitz is Palczewice as a part of the gmina Darłowo in powiat Slawienski the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Here now live about 100 people.

District Palzwitz

By 1945 Palzwitz formed a separate administrative district in the county Schlawe i Pom. in the district of the Prussian province of Pomerania Pomerania. These included the municipalities of:

  • Barzwitz ( Barzowice )
  • Dörsenthin ( Dzierżęcin )
  • Karzin ( Karsino )
  • Palzwitz ( Palczewice )
  • Vitte ( Wicie ) and
  • Zillmitz ( Sulimice ).


Since time immemorial Palzwitz was with Köpnitz ( Kopnica ) Kopahn ( Kopań ) and bag height ( Zakrzewo ) in the parish Zizow ( Cisowo ) eingepfarrt. It belonged to the church district Rügenwalde ( Darłowo ) in the ecclesiastical province of the Church of the Old Prussian Pomerania Union. The inhabitants before 1945 were almost exclusively Protestant. Last German minister was Pastor Kurt Müller.

Today Palczewice is predominantly Catholic. Headquarters of the new parish is not Cisowo but Barzowice, and Cisowo is a branch to Barzowice. The parish is in the deanery in the Diocese of Koszalin - Kolobrzeg Darłowo of the Catholic Church in Poland. Evangelical Church members are now part of the parish Koszalin ( Koszalin ), which belongs to the Diocese of Pomerania - Greater Poland the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.


The Palzwitzer school was einklassig before 1945 and was led by a teacher. Last German headmaster was a teacher Sonnenberg.


The village is via a spur road that at Drozdowo ( Drosedow ) from the province road 203 ( Koszalin ( Koszalin ) - Darłowo - Ustka ( Stolpmünde ) ) branches to achieve. The nearest train station is Darłowo.