Pascal Antoine Fiorella

Pascal -Antoine Fiorella (* February 7, 1752 in Ajaccio, Corsica, † March 3, 1818 ) was a French general of the infantry division of Corsican origin.


At eighteen, Fiorella in 1770 came as a cadet in the royal army to France. He could be there soon distinguished and at the beginning of the revolution he was already captain.

As such, he fought under the command of General André Masséna at Saorgio ( 24./28. April 1794 ) and was also wounded there. After subsequent promotions he joined the Italian campaign (1796 /97) and Napoleon led his own command under Marshal Jean Sérurier. He fought at Loano ( 23-24. November 1795 ), at Mondovi ( 20./22. April 1796 ) and at Castiglione (5 August 1796).

Fiorella took part in the siege of Mantua (1796 /97) and was able to at Calliano ( 6/7 November 1796), Arcola ( 15./17. November 1796 ) and Rivoli ( 14-15. January 1797 ) by distinguished bravery. He helped to lay siege to Venice and Turin ( → citadel of Turin) and helped quell the Tyrolean popular uprising.

After Napoleon's abdication on April 6, 1814 Fiorella gave up virtually all his military offices. When Napoleon had left Elba and its " rule of the Hundred Days " is no longer started closing it to the emperor on. As a division commander, he went into retirement in 1817 and settled in the vicinity of his home town to the ground. He died at the age of 66 years on March 3, 1818 and there I found his final resting place.