Peter Mehringer

Peter Joseph Mehringer ( born July 15, 1910 in Jetmore, Hodgeman County, † August 27, 1987 in Pullman ) was an American wrestler.

Peter Mehringer was the son of German immigrants to the United States. He grew up near Kinsley / Kansas, where his parents ran a farm. As wrestling was not offered as a sport at the Kinsley High School, he learned the sport on the basis of textbooks. In 1928, he won the championship of Kansas in the heavyweight division in free style. He then attended the University of Kansas and operational there on this sport. In 1932 he won at the NCAA Championships ( national championships of the U.S. high school sports association ) in the heavyweight behind Jack Riley from Northwestern University in free style 2nd place. He was subsequently nominated for the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles for the light heavyweight ( up to 87 kg body weight) in free style. In Los Angeles, he defeated his three opponents H. Madison from Canada, Eddie Scarf from Australia and Thure Sjöstedt from Sweden and was before Sjöstedt and Scarf Olympic champion.

American Football After these Olympics, he turned to him and brought it in this sport to great successes. From 1934 he played in Los Angeles for 13 years as a professional.

Peter Mehringer was inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.


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