Peter Pan (2003 film)

Peter Pan is a live-action adaptation of the play by JM Barrie. In the film of 2003 led PJ Hogan ( My Best Friend 's Wedding, Muriel's Wedding ) Director. After Steven Spielberg's film adaptation under the title hook, it is the second live-action film since the silent film from the year 1924.


England about 100 years ago. Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael live in a normal family. Nothing distinguishes it from all the other children, except that Wendy has a talent for story-teller. Every evening she told her brothers of mysterious worlds, evil pirates and other fantastic shapes. But she has another listener: Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. He likes their stories also.

One day, however, he is seen by Wendy, as he is staying at night in her bedroom, which she shares with her brothers. Although Wendy Peter has seen only briefly, she is fascinated by the boy, who on top of that can fly. But when she is recording the story the next day in school and get caught, writes the indignant teacher a letter to Mr. Darling, Wendy's father. In his honor offended, Mr. Darling decided to set up some strict rules. Nanny Nana, a St. Bernard dog may no longer into the house and from the next day Wendy is brought up by her strict aunt.

But Peter Pan visited Wendy, John and Michael back into her room and takes her finally to Neverland. "His " Tink is so, however, disagree and also waits in Neverland even Captain Hook. The pirate had once in a fight against Peter lost his right hand, which was eaten by a large crocodile. Hook seeks revenge on Peter Pan, where it all means are acceptable to harm the boy. Once in Neverland, Wendy plays the mother for the lost boys.

The five Lost Boys are like as babies out of the stroller and ended up in Neverland. When Wendy asks why there no " Lost Girl " would be, says Peter, girls were much too clever to fall out of the stroller. Wendy is this answer so fascinated that she wants to give him a kiss. But Peter do not even know what a kiss and gives her an acorn, which then saves Wendy 's life.

Gradually, Wendy, however, understands that it not only has advantages to remain forever a child, because then you probably never understand feelings as love. When she tries to talk to Peter about it, he gets angry and lets them stand alone. However, Wendy has inspired him to think. He flies back to the house of the Darling family and notes that there is still Wendy's mother at the window waiting for the return of their children. Thus he comes to a conclusion: Wendy can not be with him and with her mother.

The confused Wendy is going to hook that offers her to join his crew. Wendy wants to think about the offer, where it finds that they seem to forget their parents more and more. So she makes the decision with her brothers to Never Land to leave. Wendy offers to Peter to come with them, but he keeps it firmly to always want a boy to stay.

Hook takes all children, including Wendy and her brothers, and holds them captive on his ship. Peter wants to save the children and it comes to the final battle between Hook and Peter. Hook, Peter almost defeated as Wendy gives him a real kiss, and thus testified their love to him. He thereby acquires new power, which he uses to defeat Hook final. Hook is eventually swallowed by the crocodile which has already eaten his hand.

Wendy, John and Michael return home and be received there joyfully from their parents. At once the lost boys are still in the door and Wendy convinces her parents to be allowed to keep them. The Lost Boys are part of the family and Peter Pan sees from the window and understands what he is never in his life be able to enjoy: to have a family and to live properly. Wendy noticed that Peter is standing at the window and asks if he will ever come back, to which he replies that he will come to hear stories about themselves.

But Wendy saw Peter Pan never again. She told the story to their children and those they will again continue to tell their children and on and on, as all children grow up - except one.


2002 Jeremy Sumpter was in a worldwide casting for the role of Peter Pan selected. It took months of hard training (including fencing lessons ) to the role he was also athletic meet; "fly" to (ie, hours to hang on a rope ), he needed strong back muscles. He also grew during the shooting so fast (20cm) that Wendy's window comes through the Peter into her room, had to be increased four times, so that it does not permanently stuck his head out.


The film as Best Family Drama and Jeremy Sumpter won the 2004 Young Artist Award. Rachel Hurd -Wood, Harry Newell and Carsen Gray were nominated for the same price.

Jeremy Sumpter won the 2004 Saturn Award. Rachel Hurd -Wood, Janet Patterson for the costumes and the film for Best Fantasy Film was nominated for the same price.

The film received two nominations for the 2004 Visual Effects Society Award and one for the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award.