- 13.424166666667 - 71.857777777778Koordinaten: 13 ° 25 ' S, 71 ° 51 ' W

Písac or Pisaq is a town and former stronghold of the Incas, in Peru, which is about 33 kilometers from Cuzco. It is located in the Valle Sagrado ( Sacred Valley of the Incas ) on the Urubamba River.

The town center Pisacs consists of two parts. The city proper is the one part, the other is the sacred precinct. A long stairway leads up here from the houses to the highest plateau. There, in the middle of the temple area, is the Intihuatana, a mighty boulders, from which the Incas believed in him, the sun was tethered.


Inca terraces at Pisac

Inca ruins above Pisac

Traditional market

Traditionally dressed residents