PZ, partly P. Z. stands for:

  • Education Center
  • Pforzheimer Zeitung
  • Pharmaceutical newspaper
  • Photochrom Zurich (PZ ), 1889, was established by the Art Institute Orell Füssli publishing house for the worldwide distribution of Photochrom images, see Photoglob
  • Pièze, printing unit
  • Pirmasenser newspaper
  • Polensky & Zoellner, a former construction company
  • County poses on number boards (excluding the city )
  • Pozidriv, a type of screws
  • Professor Zamorra, Dark fantasy novel book series
  • Profile cylinder
  • Check digit
  • Point-type train control, train control system in the former GDR
  • TAM Airlines, after the IATA code
  • PZ Zweegers, a former agricultural machinery manufacturer which now belongs to Kverneland

PZ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Uckermark ( for Prenzlau )
  • Greece Preveza
  • Italy: Province of Potenza
  • Moldova: temporary import
  • Northern Ireland: Belfast
  • Norway: Mandal in Vest-Agder county
  • Poland: powiat Poznański in the Greater Poland Voivodeship
  • Serbia: Prizren (Kosovo)
  • Czech Republic: Okres Praha- západ, German: Prague -West ( discontinued)

PZ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Croatia: Požega
  • Montenegro: Plužine
  • Serbia: Požega
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