Qntal (pronounced " Kan - tall " ) is a German music project that combines the music of the Middle Ages with Electro influences.


Qntal was jointly founded in 1991 by your minions musician Ernst Horn with Michael Popp. Popp played at your minions as a live musician and Estampie had founded. Qntal should associate with floating female vocals and medieval instruments avant-garde electronics. As a singer, the musician Estampie Sigrid " Syrah " Stockhausen joined the band.

1992 was the first album I Qntal Releases Chrome Records, which also Deine Lakaien and Estampie at that time, were published. Due to the very positive response from the press and fans, the three led the project continued and publish in 1995 Qntal II After Estampie played a tour as the opening act of your minions.

In 1999, Ernst Horn and Michael Popp divided over the position of Popp at your minions. While Horn and Alexander Veljanov the live musicians clearly not regarded as band members, Popp argued in various contexts that he was a "member" in your lackeys. Deine Lakaien Chrom Records and separated by Popp, and Horn left Qntal. Later he founded the project Helium Vola with similar musical orientation.

By Philipp Groth as a keyboardist Michael Popp and Sigrid Hausen continued the work continued and published in February 2003 Qntal III - Tristan and Isolde. In addition, with O, Tristan and Nihil published the first singles of the band's history. Later in the same year Qntal took at the Wave -Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig on a live DVD. Appeared in 2005 Qntal IV - Ozymandias and the single Cupid, a year later Qntal V - Silver Swan and the single from the same.

In 2007 Qntal occurred at the Wave -Gotik-Treffen in common with Estampie at the Schauspielhaus in Leipzig. On 29 February 2008 the album was Qntal VI - Translucida published.


Qntal combines medieval poetry with modern electronic sounds. In this case, connect Qntal synthesizer sounds with samples and original recordings of historical instruments such as the lute and shawm. Sigrid " Syrah " Stockhausen's classic song moves in the mezzo- soprano. The drum is formed by samples or synthesizer. The tempos are slow in the majority, the character of many songs ballad.

The repertoire consists of medieval texts in Old and Middle High German, Latin, English, Provencal and Old French language. Qntal emphasizes historically correct pronunciation and intonation.


The name Qntal is the singer Syrah after a fancy word that appeared to her in a dream.



Singles and EPs

  • 2003: Live