RA stands for:

  • Argentina, international car registration
  • Radio Australia, Australian international broadcasting
  • Lexicon of Assyriology
  • Lawyer or lawyer, Occupation for qualified lawyers
  • Recycled asphalt, reuse product of broken road asphalt pavements
  • Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur, Swiss Women's Floorball Club
  • Regierungsamtmann, title
  • Registration Authority, see the registry for digital certificates
  • Regulators Augustini, see Augustine rule, the Rule
  • Relational algebra, mathematical formal language
  • René Audry, a French submarine, formerly SM U 119
  • Resolution Advisory, evasive recommendations of the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
  • Retinoic acid, see retinoic acid
  • Paramedic, the only legally regulated professional training in the emergency service
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory disease of the joints
  • Right Ascension ( right ascension ), see right ascension, position description of celestial bodies
  • Rise Against, American punk / hardcore band from Chicago
  • Crude ash, value in feed analysis
  • Royal Academician, title of full membership in one of the Royal Academies of Britain, see Royal Academy
  • Royal Nepal Airlines, nepalesiche airline after the IATA code
  • Rudel Burger Alliance, Fraternity
  • Metro Station Rathenauplatz the Nuremberg U -Bahn

RA (first discovered in the 1st half of September of the year indicated asteroid ) is part of the provisional name of:

  • (1916 ) Boreas, provisional 1953 RA
  • ( 2368) Beltrovata, provisional 1977 RA

RA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Rastatt
  • UK: Reading
  • Italy: Province of Ravenna
  • Macedonia: Radoviš
  • Norway: Flekkefjord in the province of Vest- Agder
  • Austria: District Radkersburg ( discontinued)
  • Serbia Raška
  • Slovakia: Okres Revúca
  • Czech Republic: Okres Rakovník, German: Rakonitz ( discontinued)

R. A. stands for:

  • R. A. The Rugged Man, American rapper

R & A stands for:

  • Retard and Avance, technical description for clocks
  • Research and Analysis, Department of the Office of the Coordinator of Information in World War II
  • The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scottish Golf Club founded in 1754

Ra is:

  • Devanagari character र
  • Egyptian sun god Ra, see Re ( Egyptian Mythology )
  • Ra ( Arabic letter ) ( ر ), the Arabic letter
  • Ra (band), American hard rock band
  • Ra ( island), the island of Vanuatu ( Banks Islands)
  • Ra ( province ), a province of the island nation of Fiji
  • Ra (ship), name of two papyrus boats of Thor Heyerdahl
  • Ra ( game), game by Reiner Knizia
  • Ra ( strain), one of the six tribes of Tibetans (see Sinmo )
  • Ra tradition ( rwa lugs), of Dorje Drag, the translator ( Lotsawa ) from Ra ( rwa lo tsa ba rdo rje grags, 1016-1128 ( ?)) Outgoing Mantrayana - school tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

Ra is the abbreviation or symbol for:

  • Roughness Ra roughness of a technical surface
  • Radium, a chemical element
  • Shunting, see # shunting signals for shunting
  • Rayleigh number

Ra is the family or stage name of the following persons:

  • Avreeayl Ra ( b. 1947 ), American musician
  • Ra Kyung- min ( born 1968 ), South Korean badminton player
  • Sun Ra (1914-1993), American musician

RA is:

  • The 28th letter of the Armenian alphabet, see Ռ

Ra is:

  • Color rendering index, photometric quantity of the color reproduction of light sources

° Ra stands for:

  • Rankine scale, temperature scale, which is sometimes used in English-speaking countries, instead of the Kelvin scale

R. A. stands for:

  • Pure alcohol

Ra stands for:

  • Real Audio, Real Media audio file format ( file extension )

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