Rathenauplatz (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Rathenau Course ( Abbreviation: RA) was opened as a 31 Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn on 29 September 1990. It is 525 meters from Woehrder meadow Metro Station and 611 meters from Rennweg Metro Station and 963 meters from the Maxfeld Metro Station. Until May 22, 1993, he was the terminus for the line U2, June 14, 2008, he has separation station for the lines U2/U21 and U3. The Rathenau Square is named after the industrialist and former Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau - named (1867, 1922 ).

Location and infrastructure

The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Gardens at Wöhrd and extends below the ground in the south-north orientation under the Rathenau space between exterior Cramer -Klett- road and Sulzbacher Straße. Near the train station you will find the offices of the city of Nuremberg, the Cramer -Klett- Park and the Department of Economics of Law and Economics Faculty of the University Erlangen- Nuremberg.

From the south side of the station, leading into a basement, a distributor and from there to Woehrder gate and on the east side of the Rathenau Square. The northern station, leading into a manifold of levels and from there to all the ends of the junction Rathenauplatz / Laufer Tor / Sulzbacher Straße. From the middle of the platform lift leads to the east side of the Rathenau Square. At the railway station, the airport, a pointed -to-travel platform changes as well as the branch of the U3 north Friedrich- Ebert-Platz joins.

Building and Architecture

The station building is 159 m long, 17.5 m wide and 7-15 m deep ( one and a half times the down position). Construction of the station began on 22 February 1988, were carried out in an open design with Berlin wall.

The station design was executed by the Nuremberg painter Gregor Hiltner won the competition for the advertised artist. On the platform walls portraits of Walther Rathenau and Theodor Herzl are mounted in anamorphic tile technique to two per 750 m² mosaics. Between the two portraits of the following lettering is set in capital letters: "Think ie compare " Walter Rathenau.

On the northwestern side of the station there is the construction exposed part of the city wall and incorporated into the local sunrises with.


The station is served by U21 and U3 lines U2. The stop Rathenau Square tram line is 8 ( Tristanstraße - Erlenstegen ) On the surface, as well as the bus stops of the VAG bus line 36 ( Plaerrer - Doku -Zentrum), 94 ( sports facility FCN - Heilig-Geist -Spital ) and the OVF line 340 ( Nuremberg ZOB - Pegnitz ). At the weekend, the night bus lines N1 and N11 run to N13.