Rennweg (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

The underground station Rennweg (abbreviation: RE) is the 32nd Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 22 May 1993. It is 611 meters from the Rathenau Platz Underground Station and 650 meters from Schoppershof Metro Station. Toward Röthenbach a blunt -to-travel platform changes connects. The metro station is named after the district of Nuremberg Rennweg in which it lies. Rennweg was created in 1818 from eleven small settlements in the north-east of Nuremberg. In 1865 the western part was Rennweg incorporated to Nuremberg, in 1899, finally, the belonging to Schoppershof eastern part. In the original planning of these Metro Station should receive the designation Maxfeld.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Rennweg and extends in a north-south direction underground under the Rennweg between Martin Richter and Ludwig Feuerbach Street. Both platform heads lead sunrises to the surface. An elevator leads from the southern platform area to street level. In the immediate vicinity is the Nuremberg city park.

Building and Architecture

The station building is 167 m long, 15 m wide and 10 m deep ( one and a half times the down position). Construction began on 25 July 1990 and were carried out in an open design. In the course of the building Rennweg and Ludwig Feuerbach Street was partly rebuilt and converted into traffic-calmed zones.

The architectural design has been adopted by the Nuremberg sculptor Botond Kardos. The interior-exterior relationship of surface and platform level is produced by eight skylights. Complement the surroundings of the station in mid domes are bordered by colored bands that run from the ceiling over the platform wall to the floor. On both platform walls designed by graffiti artists Nuremberg are attached.


The station is serviced by the underground lines U2 and U21. The stop of tram line was located at the surface, until December 2011, west of the station in the Bayreuther Straße 9