Langwasser Nord (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Long Water North ( Abbreviation: LN) is the 5th Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 1 March 1972. It is 709 meters from Metro Station and 547 meters from the Messe Scharfreiterring metro station and is served by the line U1. The subway station is named after its location on the northern edge of the Nuremberg district long water.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg long water above ground amid the petrol Bärnreuther Street. Both platform heads each lead a rise from a pedestrian bridge and from there to the residential areas on both sides of the Otto - Bärnreuther Street. The lift connects the platform to the north-west pedestrian bridge.

The catchment area of the station, the Bertolt Brecht School in the Northeast and the district shopping center at the Wettersteinstraße include southwestern, each with the adjacent residential areas.

Building and Architecture

Construction of the 135 m long station building began in 1967. Northwesterly rising and the elevator were built later in 1983.

The platform was created in the 1960's style with unverkleidetem exposed concrete, the platform roof is supported by ten columns.