Radio Rossii

Radio Rossii ( Радио России, German Radio of Russia) is a Russian state radio station in Moscow, broadcasting his program nationwide.


Radio Rossii was founded in 1990. The station is owned by the state-owned Russian media holding WGTRK, which also includes television channels such as the telephone channel Rossiya and some additional stations belong.


The program concentrates on Radio Rossii forms a broad Informationsprogamm. The station is close to the government of Vladimir Putin. This is particularly significant because Radio Rossii of all information channels has the largest market share, especially a much larger than all regierungskritischeren channels together.


Radio Rossii is receiving nationwide in Russia. The transmitter is spread via FM and DVB -T. Radio Rossii is the Russian radio station with the third largest market share, nationally about 17 % ( 2003 survey ). In Moscow, where the market is more between stations is fought harder, the station still reaches 13%, the largest proportion there a single station.