Raspberry Island (Alaska)

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Raspberry Iceland is an island of the Kodiak Archipelago in Alaska in the United States. It is located between Kodiak and Afognak Iceland Iceland. The Kupreanof Strait separates Iceland from Kodiak Raspberry Iceland and the Raspberry Strait separates it from Afognak. The island is 192 km ² and is home to 4 people (as of 2000). On the island there is the ghost town of Port Wakefield and the Raspberry Iceland Remote Lodge, the accommodation offer in the wilderness. Energy is produced by hydroelectric power plants for this. The City of Kodiak is about 1.5 hours by boat or 0.5 hours of flight time. Your name has the raspberry island of the many salmon berries ( raspberries superb ) that occur anywhere on the island.


When Russian fur traders in the 18th century, the island brought under control, they expelled so that the living have always been there indigenous people who Unangan. Through them, the local sea otters were almost completely exterminated, but now is the stock has recovered well. In the early 20th century there were a few fish canneries on the island, such as in Port Wakefield and Northwest Cannery. These were a couple of decades operated and then given up, so that it then only was a farm for fox pelts in Northwest Cannery. 1915-1935 there were gold diggers on Raspberry Beach, in the north- west of the island.

Flora and Fauna

The Sitka spruce is the dominant tree species on Raspberry Iceland. The spruce forests are repeatedly interrupted by whole fields of salmon berry bushes, alders and wild flowers. At higher altitudes grow wild blueberry and cranberry bushes. The fauna is rich, next to Sitka black-tailed deer, red foxes and Kodiak bears, there are also Tufted Lunde and bald eagles. Afognak and Raspberry Iceland are the only places in Alaska, where moose live. The Roosevelt elk that live on the island, all descended from eight cows, which in 1928 moved from the Olympic Peninsula. The moose population on the island has developed magnificently. Some older bulls bring up to 600 kg on the scales. The muskrats were successfully settled on Raspberry Iceland. Occasionally walk down the whales Raspberry Strait, but then have to turn back because the water is too shallow. The island is home to many bald eagles.