Kodiak Archipelago

The Kodiak Archipelago is a small island group south of the mainland of Alaska, USA.

The archipelago is located about 405 km south of Anchorage in the Gulf of Alaska, separated by the Shelikof Strait of the Alaska Peninsula. It is 285 km long and 108 km wide. Main island of the archipelago is Kodiak Island (Kodiak Iceland ). As the second largest island following Afognak, about 5 km north of Kodiak Iceland located. Still farther north is the island Shuyak. She has many deep bays and is under protection. South of Kodiak are the islands Tugidak and Sitkinak. Other islands of the archipelago are the Barren Islands in the north, the Chirikov Island and the group of Islands Semidi in the south and many other smaller islands in sight around the main island of Kodiak Iceland. Overall, the archipelago has 13,890 km ² land area, 40 small glaciers, countless rivers and hundreds of terrestrial and aquatic species.

The Kodiak Iceland Borough covers the entire Kodiak Archipelago and a narrow strip on the mainland. Large parts of the archipelago belong to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.