Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska

Kodiak Iceland Borough is a borough (district) in the state of Alaska in the United States. The Borough Seat ( administrative seat ) is Kodiak.


The Borough consists of the Kodiak Archipelago and a narrow coastal strip on the mainland. The largest land area forms the Kodiak Island. The waterway, which separates the islands from the mainland is called the Shelikof Strait. The Borough has a total area of ​​31 141 square kilometers; of which 16,990 square kilometers of land and 14,151 square kilometers ( 45.44 percent) of water.

Adjacent boroughs and census areas

  • Kenai Peninsula Borough
  • Lake and Peninsula Borough


At the time of the census in 2010 ( U.S. Census 2010) of the Borough had 13,592 inhabitants. The average age was 31.6 years ( national U.S. average: 35.3 years ). The per capita income ( per capita income engl. ) amounted to U.S. $ 22,195 ( U.S. National Average: U.S. $ 21,587 ). 6.6 percent of the residents were with their income below the poverty line ( national U.S. average: 12.4 percent).