North Slope Borough, Alaska

North Slope Borough is a Borough (administrative district ) in the state of Alaska to the United States of America. The administrative headquarters ( Borough Seat) is Barrow.


North Slope Borough is mostly on the North Slope region. The western coast of the boroughs is located on the Chukchi Sea. To the east beyond the Point Barrow area borders the Beaufort Sea as well as to the Canadian Yukon Territory. The Borough has an area of ​​245 435 square kilometers, of which 230 035 square kilometers of land and 15,400 square kilometers of water. The Borough, making it the largest area of ​​Borough / County of the United States with a land area that is larger than the U.S. state of Utah.

Adjacent boroughs and census areas

  • Yukon - Koyukuk Census Area
  • Northwest Arctic Borough


At the time of the census in 2000 ( U.S. Census 2000) had 7,385 inhabitants of the Borough on a land area of ​​230 035 square kilometers. The average age was 27.0 years ( national U.S. average: 35.3 years ). The per capita income ( per capita income engl. ) amounted to U.S. $ 20,540 ( U.S. National Average: U.S. $ 21,587 ). 9.1 percent of the residents were with their income below the poverty line ( national U.S. average: 12.4 percent).