Roger Magnusson

Roger Magnusson ( born March 20, 1945 in Mönsterås ) is a former Swedish football player. The striker, who won several national players for the Swedish national team, played during his active career in his home country, Germany, Italy and France. His eight years younger brother Benno Magnusson also played in the Swedish national team and was among others Professional at the 1 FC Kaiserslautern and Hertha BSC.


Magnusson grew up in Blomstermåla. As a young junior player, he moved in the early 1960s to the distinguished club Åtvidabergs FF, who wanted to support the local computing machine manufacturer Facit from the second division in the direction of Allsvenskan. As a junior national player of the offensive player was quick team regular at his new club. He regularly missed with the team only just the rise in 1963 and 1964 she won the second place in each of their second league season. Nevertheless, he played himself into the notebook of coach Lennart Nyman, who helped him to his Nationalelfdebüt in June 1964. In the 4-1 win over Denmark in Malmö Stadion he wore next to Prawitz Öberg, Harry Image and Örjan Martinsson in the scoresheet.

As a national player Magnusson had attracted attention outside the country's borders. In the summer of 1966 he left Åtvidabergs FF - although with 77 goals this season at the end of the season in the autumn of the most successful attack of the second division season Realising handed it behind IF Saab again only for second place - and joined the 1st FC Cologne in the Bundesliga. The former coach of the " Billy Goats ", Willi Multhaup, put him a total of 20 times, where he scored four goals. This meager helped that after the end of the season they put in Cologne no value on his services and gave him to Juventus. However, Magnusson was also less of the type of a striker rather than that of the dribbling preparer.

After also only one-year interlude in Italy, Magnusson developed at Olympique Marseille to a dangerous and audience appeal Right Wing in France's Division 1, where he was the ideal passer for the Yugoslavs Josip Skoblar, several national titles ( two league and cup victories and in 1972 the Doublé ) won and still has an excellent reputation. Also from the " wingers " who made the Swede on legal and Charly Loubet on the left wing from 1969 to 1971, OM raving fans decades later. Until his move to France Magnusson was further in the squad of the Swedish national team. However, since the game lasted in the French Division 1 in the summer of 1970 until the end of June, at the same time took place at the World Cup in Mexico, he opted not to participate in the final round.

1974 Magnusson joined Olympique to the Paris giants Red Star, before he moved back to Sweden in 1976. At first, he played in his homeland for Helsingborgs IF in the Swedish second league. The move proved to be too great, after only six games of the season he left the club again. Later he played for Vilans BoIF and Landskrona BoIS. For the club he made his debut in Allsvenskan, at the end of the season in 1980, however, he went with the team from the first division from.


  • French Champion 1971, 1972
  • Coupe de France 1969, 1972