Roman Catholic Diocese of Arecibo

The Diocese of Arecibo (Latin: Dioecesis Arecibensis ) is a located in Puerto Rico Roman Catholic diocese based in Arecibo. It includes the north -central part of the island.


Pope John XXIII. founded on 30 April 1960, the diocese with the Apostolic Constitution Cum apostolicus of annexations of the Diocese of Ponce and the Archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico, where there was also a suffragan.

On March 1, 1976, it lost part of its territory to the bishopric of Mayagüez.

Bishops of Arecibo

  • Alfredo José Cecilio Isaac Mendez Francesco Gonzalez CSC (23 July 1960-21. January 1974)
  • Miguel Rodriguez Rodriguez CSsR (21 January 1974-20. March 1990)
  • Iñaki Mallona Txertudi CP (14 December 1991-24. September 2010)
  • Daniel Fernández Torres ( since 24 September 2010)