Rome Urbe Airport

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The Rome- Urbe is north of Rome located small airfield in the Italian capital, on the mainly general aviation is handled. At the airport the Aero Club of Rome has its seat airports Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino serve the city of Rome as airports.

Transport links

Just east of the airfield leads the Via Salaria over. To the north it connects the airport by motorway A90 and Autostrada del Sole, to the south with the Roman city. Parallel to the Salaria runs a train track. Close to the airport there is a train station ( Stazione Nuovo Salario ), from which, via the S-Bahn -like line FR1 Ferrovia Regionale del Lazio city center can be reached.

General Aviation

In the field of general aviation, the airfield is mainly used by smaller propeller aircraft during business aircraft fly mainly to Ciampino. From the airport Urbe from, inter alia, scenic flights and air taxi services are offered. The airport also serves as heliport, including security and civil protection authorities.


The airfield Rome - Urbe ( Aeroporto del Littorio ) was inaugurated in 1928 as a civilian airfield. On a section of flowing past in the immediate vicinity Tiber also seaplanes should start and waterways, but this project was never realized. In the 30's had the national airline of fascist Italy, the Ala Littoria, their headquarters here during the Second World War the airfield for military applications. After the war, the plan was to expand Rome - Urbe the central commercial airport in the Italian capital. However, the urban expansion of Rome in the north prevented any expansion options, which is why the Rome Ciampino Airport to the early 1960s, the international airport of Rome was. The airfield Rome - Urbe has been modernized in recent years and supplemented by a heliport.

Expansion plans

A second, 1,400 m long and 23 m wide runway and runway (14/ 32) is planned in the area of the flow sheet. Thus, the airfield is to be opened for machines the size of a Falcon 900. With the current track, the new runway would form the shape of a V. To the west, along the Tiber, maintenance facilities are to be built in the northeast new handling facilities.

Other airfields

The nearly 30 kilometers northeast of Rome's military airfield Guidonia is of general aviation partially available. Situated between Ciampino and downtown former military airfield Rome Cento Celle, one of Italy's (1909 ) oldest airfields and former seat of the Roman Aero Club, has since been largely abandoned.