Rosalind E. Krauss

Rosalind E. Krauss ( born November 30, 1941) is an American art critic and theorist, professor and curator.

Life and work

Krauss taught at Wellesley College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Since 1992 she has been Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory at Columbia University, New York City, where she the highest academic rank 2005 - University Professor - gained.

As a critic and theorist them published since 1965 in Artforum, Art International and Art in America. She was co-editor of Artforum from 1971 to 1974 and editor of October, a journal of contemporary art criticism and theory, which they co-founded in 1976. Their example inspired Yve -Alain Bois and Benjamin HD Buchloh emigrate to the United States. It is itself influenced by the American art critic Clement Greenberg.

Krauss is known for her studies of painting, sculpture and photography of the 20th century. She tries to understand the phenomenon of modern art in its historical, theoretical and formal dimension. Krauss ' strength is the ephemeral nature of visual and physical experiences in a precise, vivid English translate. In their studies on the development of photography, its history runs parallel to that of modern painting and sculpture, it makes hitherto unobserved phenomena in the " high art " visible, such as the role of indexicality or the function of the archive. My interest is in concepts such as the formlessness, the optical unconscious or pastiche. They entrusted the artist with the task to wrest the habits of the viewer the conventionalized, ossified, akademisierten and ultimately false standards.

The peculiarity of Krauss as an art historian is to make the experience of art by philosophical categories of course. Her work has contributed to establishing the positions of thinkers like Maurice Merleau -Ponty, Ferdinand de Saussure, Jacques Lacan, Jean -Francois Lyotard, Jacques Derrida, Georges Bataille, or Roland Barthes in the arts.

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