S1 MP3 player

As S1MP3 player is referred to several off-brand MP3 players, which are all based on the same hardware architecture and use Actions ATJ208x chips.

Typical features

  • All S1mp3 player work with an Actions ATJ208x chip (usually 2085 ).
  • You have Hynix or Samsung NAND Flash ( 128MB up to 4GB )
  • A Philips TEA5756 -Low -Power FM tuner chip provides radio reception,
  • And a Z80 processor performs the computing operations.
  • You use *. Amv / *. Mtv video format
  • And *. act for audio recordings.


There are now many different types of S1MP3 players, they can be divided roughly into two groups:

  • MP3 players have standard MP3 Player functions
  • " MP4 " players have a color OLED or LCD, on which can be photos ( JPEG / GIF) and videos ( in special formats MTV and AMV ). The term " MP4 Player " is thus not applicable because MPEG videos are not supported.


All S1MP3 players have a similar firmware. It can be with the program "MP3 Player Upgrade Tool", which is usually supplied, update - this is a big problem because many s1mp3 owners make their player unusable by uploading the wrong firmware files. Even with a supposedly correct operating software, there are often problems because the players are almost identical from the outside, but the minimum hardware differences can cause malfunctions.


  • 24-bit DSP with on-chip DSU
  • 8-bit Z80 CPU with on-chip DSU ( runs from 24.576 MHz to 60 MHz under software control )
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed ​​(USB 1.1 speed )
  • Works as a USB mass storage device
  • Supports MP3, WMA, and some models also Ogg / Vorbis
  • Equalizer function
  • Recording from the built-in microphone or radio


There are many dozens of factories that make S1MP3 player. Many are located in Shenzhen, China. The players are sold under many names and many companies. The best known are in Germany

  • Dnt
  • Support Plus
  • Visual Land
  • MaxSpeed
  • Orange Cool
  • Odys
  • Cat
  • Pocket Media
  • SanDisk
  • Sansun
  • Typhoon
  • Mustek Systems

Worldwide there are more than 50 companies that sell their products mostly on Ebay and discount stores.