San Bautista

San Bautista on the map of Uruguay

San Bautista is a city in Uruguay.


It is located in the northern part of the department of Canelones in whose sector 12 San Bautista lies northeast of the department of Canelones Capital and Santa Rosa and east of San Antonio and Mevir Paso de la Cadena. Closest city to the north is Castellanos. In the urban area of both the Arroyo Grande Canelón and the Arroyo Colorado Grande have their source, while a few kilometers east of the city rises the Arroyo Pando.


On June 20, 1901 San Bautista was classified by the law Nr.2.699 in the " Pueblo " category.



San Bautista has the Liceo de San Bautista founded in 1976, " Dr. Juan M. Falero " about a high school ( Liceo ).


Through the city leads both the Ruta 6 and the Ruta 81 and a railway line with a train station on site.


The population of San Bautista is 1.973. (As of 2011)

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística de Uruguay

City ​​council

Mayor ( alcalde ) of San Bautista is Omar Negri ( Partido Colorado).