Schempp-Hirth Quintus

The Quintus has a single-seat glider Schempp -Hirth with 23 meters span and flaps. It will initially be offered only as a self- starter under the name Quintus M.


The Quintus was the public debut at the AERO 2011 in Friedrichshafen, together with the Antares 23 E from Lange Aviation. The construction of the two models was carried out in close cooperation with Schempp-Hirth and Lange Aviation, they differ mainly in the fuselage, outer wings and auxiliary engine. The wing concept was created by Lange Aviation and Loek Boerman, as derived structural design, ballast system and control of Lange Aviation. Outer wings and winglets of Quintus come from Mark Maughmer. Already in October 2011, ie before the first flight, Lange Aviation started the series production of the inner wings, outer wings and winglets of Quintus produced by Schempp -Hirth.

The first flight of Quintus was on 23 December 2011 at the airfield Hahnweide, pilot was Tilo Holighaus. The actual flight tests began on 11 January 2012.


The wings with superelliptischem floor plan and a wingspan of 23 meters include nine coordinated and merging into one another laminar. They have a high aspect ratio and include tanks up to 250 liters of water ballast to increase the surface loading. The Quintus was designed specifically for a high wing loading: With a certified takeoff weight of 850 kg and a wing area of ​​only 14.45 m2, the maximum wing loading is 58.8 kg/m2.

Fuselage and cockpit were completely redeveloped by Schempp -Hirth.

It is powered by a SOLO two-stroke engine. The tail wheel is integrated into the rudder and thus steerable.