Schorndorf station

Rems Railway, Wieslauftal line


The Schorndorf railway station lies on the Rems Railway opened in 1861 Stuttgart- Aalen ( kilometer 26.4 ). He is out on the holding list of posts under the name TSF and is used daily by about 10,000 travelers today.


The station is located close to the north edge of the historic center of the town of Schorndorf. He is right in the center. To the east next to the train station is the central bus station (ZOB), further to the west follows the former goods station. Directly on the other side of the underpass, that is north of the station, is the vocational training center; also north is the suburb.

Construction of the railway station

The station consists of a 1863 in the style of Neo - Renaissance building entrance building and some attachment or new buildings.

He has six tracks, namely the tracks 1-5 and in the west of the station track 14 The tracks 1-3 and track 5 are actively used, from the track 14 operate only partially suburban trains. Otherwise, this track is mostly used as a siding for S -Bahn trains. If, for example, due to construction failures of the first track, so track 14 is also used as a replacement track.

Track 5 is used exclusively to transport the Wieslauftal line. It is - after dismantling the eastern turnout - only connected on the western side of the railway station via a switch with the Rems Railway.

From the fourth track noon ride regional trains from Schwäbisch Gmünd; it is also claimed as a siding for suburban trains.

All platforms are accessible via ramps or lifts.

As part of the stimulus programs of the Federal Government, the station building was energetically renovated in the years 2009 to 2010. Next it was externally adjusted back to the original state under monument protection law aspects. In addition, the platform roof was renovated house at the extended platform.


After the Filstalbahn was opened in 1850, began in 1858 the construction of the Rems Railway. For the area of ​​Schorndorf in 1845 originally planned, the route south of the city to build. The local council and the citizens' committee decided in 1858, however, against this solution. Beginning of the year 1860 reached the railway construction section Schorndorf.

Railway construction in times of great misery kept in Schorndorf many people from starvation or emigration. The station was built between the then city core, today's old town, and the suburbs. Acceptance runs of the Rems Railway - section from Cannstatt to Schorndorf with celebrations at the station took place on 23 June 1861. On 18 July 1861, the station was opened. A week later, on July 25, 1861, went the distance from Bad Cannstatt to Wasseralfingen in operation and the scheduled time of operation was recorded.

On 3 October 1863, the route of Wasseralfingen was opened to Nördlingen.

In the years 1873 and 1874 there were also plans for a connection from Schorndorf to Plochingen, this project but was rejected again. Other plans called for a distance of Schorndorf to Ludwigsburg, but this idea was not realized.

1908 opened the Wieslauftal line and the Schorndorfer station became a junction.

The interlocking of the station Schorndorf Sf ( Schorndorf, Dispatcher ) of type Sp Dr S59 ( track plan pushbuttons interlocking of Siemens, Type 59) was put into operation in 1962. On 1 July 2001, the decommissioning was carried out; Since then, the station Schorndorf Waiblingen from is remotely controlled.


The station corresponds to the train station category 3 of the Deutsche Bahn.

Long-distance traffic

Early morning and late evening some intercity trains stop of line 61 Karlsruhe- Nuremberg on Schorndorf station.

Regional Transport

Schorndorf is the intermediate station every hour from Stuttgart trains running to Aalen regional express trains ( line R2). The Schorndorf train station is the last stop on the line S2 ( Schorndorf - Stuttgart Airport Filderstadt ) of the Stuttgart S-Bahn.

East of the station branches off in a northerly direction operated by WEG Wieslauftal line to Rudersberg from ( line R21).

Freight traffic

West of the station is the siding of the logistics center of the whirlpool group belonging appliance manufacturer Bauknecht. He gets 20 % of its incoming goods by rail.

There used in Schorndorf an extensive industry trackage, which also extends over the industrial area hammer, the suburban street and part of Remsstraße. Also, the production plant of Bauknecht was tied up to 2000 to the rail.

Services at the station

The station has in the reception building through a travel center, a bakery and a kiosk. In neighboring former Expressgutgebäude are now a book and magazine shop and an internet cafe.