Sega Rally

Sega Rally is a racing video game series of the Japanese computer game manufacturer Sega.

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Sega Rally Championship

Sega Rally Championship is one of AM3 developed arcade game based on the Sega Model 2 board. The game was released in 1995 in the arcade halls. A year later it was ported to the Sega Saturn and Windows. The great feature of Sega Rally was the opportunity to drive on different surfaces (including asphalt, gravel and mud ). Accordingly, the driving behavior changes. Because of this, Sega Rally is regarded as one of the milestones in the development of the racing game genre. The Retro Gamer magazine described it as the best racing game ever.

Sega Rally Championship 2

Sega Rally Championship 2 is the sequel to Sega Rally Championship. There also is an arcade racing game that was produced by the development department of the company Sega AM3. It was released in 1998 as an arcade machine and 1999 as a Dreamcast version. Also for Windows PCs there is a reaction.

Graphically, the game was very appealing for that time thanks to the Dreamcast hardware. The fact that the game appeared both as an arcade as well as Dreamcast and PC version, it makes you a example that at this time the first time the consoles and personal computers relativized the graphical superiority of the arcade machines.

The following modes are available: Arcade Mode, Championship, Training, Time Attack and 2-player battle.

In addition, the racing game includes a 10-year championship mode. This is a special career mode in which you must successfully complete all races one year in order to advance to the next year may. During the period of one year you drive while under different weather conditions and at different times of day. A new car is unlocked per completed this race season.

The Dreamcast version of the racing game can be controlled either with the Dreamcast controller or a steering wheel peripheral.

Sega Rally 3

Sega Rally 3, the arcade sequel to Sega Rally 2, developed by SEGA Racing Studio and published by Sega. The game was released on 30 June 2008 in American arcade halls.

Arcade cabinet configurations

Sega Rally 3 is available in four different arcade cabinet configurations: a large deluxe -motion version, a deluxe version, a smaller version and finally a variant for a single player ( only for the U.S. market ). The Deluxe -motion variant contains a 62 "High Definition DLP monitor and a dual actuator motion simulation system that moves the player 's seat. Up to six arcade machines can be linked for multiplayer racing

Sega Rally Online Arcade

Sega Rally 3 was released in 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network as Sega Rally Online Arcade. It is essentially the same game but with a few changes in the level of difficulty as well as an additional online multiplayer.

Sega Rally ( 2007)

Sega Rally ( Sega Rally Revo in the U.S. ) is an off-road racing game and the fourth installment of the Sega Rally series. The game was released for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable on 28 September 2007 in Europe. It was simultaneously to Sega Rally 3 ( Arcade Game ) by SEGA Racing Studios developed and distributed by Sega. The PSP version was developed in contrast to the other versions of Bugbear Entertainment. An essential feature of this variant of Sega Rally is the ability to deform the surface. Tire tracks and the like thus preserved during the race as ruts on the track.


There are a total of 34 vehicles, which are each divided into three groups: Premier Class ( 4WD cars ), Modified Class (2WD cars) and Master Class (mostly classic rally cars ). There are also some bonus cars, which will be released in game progress. Among the bonus cars belong Dakar types, buggies, etc. Apart from the bonus cars, each car has three different liveries and two setups. The setup is either off road, with better grip on loose surfaces or asphalt, with higher top speed and more grip on hard surfaces. The different environments all have three tracks ( some of which are driven in the opposite direction - at a different time of the day) and be unlocked by increasing progress in the game in championship mode.


The game was developed by SEGA Racing Studio in Solihull, England. There are over 30 different rally cars to choose from, in six different environments, with a total of 16 routes. The game was developed with the Geode formation engine that makes the terrain dynamically deformable. Multiplayer mode lets two players race with split screen while online multiplayer can race against each other to six riders.


The game was rated by the press overwhelmingly positive. Mainly the direct and easy to learn control, detailed, sharp textures and varied scenes was praised. However, the rubber band AI, the overestimated difficulty and the small number of routes was criticized. The online magazine 4Players wrote: " The new Sega Rally is arcade racing at its best! The successful driving pleasure is clearly the focus of this mudslinging. "

The Gamepro said: " The driving physics may not always be realistic, but remains at any time. And it makes a lot of fun to see how the cars umackern gradually the track and thereby einmatschen belonging. Especially as the ruts and puddles not only look great, but also playful effects. Therefore: engineers have to Colin, but who wants to easily slide through the mud, rises at a SEGA Rally. 10/10 "

However, the rather negative criticism from the English side GameTap: " Revo is moderately fun at best. The sense of speed is decent. The sense of control, power, and precision by car is hard to distinguish for the Majority of vehicles, and there is nothing wacky, silly, or distinct about the game did Provides did creative hook did other racing games: such as Daytona USA, Colin McRae Racing or Gran Turismo Provide. In short, Sega Rally Revo is disappointing. "

At Metacritic, the Windows version 74/100, the PS3 version 75/100, the Xbox 360 version 77/100 and the PSP version 74/100 achieved. The Metascores the website GameRankings move in this rating range.

Differences of Sega Rally Revo, Sega Rally 3 and Sega Rally Online Arcade

In Sega Rally Online Arcade is a port of the simultaneously developed along with Sega Rally Revo Sega Rally Online Arcade 3 is for content, apart from the added online mode, same with Sega Rally 3, Sega Rally Revo while offering significantly more content. Also, the control and the camera setting of the vehicles is based not on Sega Rally Revo, but the arcade model Sega Rally 3 The biggest change compared to the arcade version, so Sega Rally 3, is the scaled down difficulty to make the game easier to is learn.