Serpentine River (Western Australia)

Serpentine River on Serpentine Falls

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The Serpentine River is a river in south-west Western Australia, Australia. It is not known who named the Serpentine River. He was inspected by Captain Mark Currie in 1892, but the name already appears on a map of the Royal Geographical Society from 1832.

The river rises in the mountains of Darling Scarp below Bowerling Hill and crosses the Albany Highway north of North Bannister, flows to the northwest by the Youarling State Forest, followed by the 44 km ² Serpentine National Park. The river jammed in the Serpentine Dam and flows south to Jarrahdale and then over the Serpentine Falls in the Swan Coastal Plain. It flows west and crosses the South Western Highway, he then turns towards the town of Serpentine. He turns to the south and flows into the Peel Inlet, an estuary at Mandurah.

The Serpentine River is dammed in the Serpentine Dam and supplies Perth with drinking water. The only tributary is the Big Brock, flowing through the Kerulup Pool, Lake and Amarillo Goegrup Lake.

In the river there was 2007, a toxic algae bloom.

Serpentine Falls