Perth [ pɜ ː θ ] is the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia.


Perth was founded on August 12, 1829 on the Swan River near its confluence with the Indian Ocean by Captain James Stirling, with the aim to prevent the French from the settlement of the West Australian. The official founding of Perth was in 1856. The city was named at the request of the British War and Colonial Secretary, Sir George Murray to the Scottish city of Perth, in which he was born.


The nearest major city is Adelaide 2139 km away. Today, about 1.65 million people in Perth and about 1.8 million people live in the metropolitan area of Perth.

Perth designated as such the Greater Perth, the Perth Metropolitan Area. It now consists of 30 autonomous communities with their own governments ( Local Government Areas). The actual City of Perth is comparatively small. It is home to, among others, the financial district and the stock market, the entertainment district of Northbridge, a shopping street as a pedestrian zone ( Hay Street / Murray Street) and the seat of the National Parliament. She has just over 12,000 inhabitants. The Chairman of the Perth City Council is also the Lord Mayor and the chief representative of the whole city. 2007 was chosen with Lisa Scaffidi first woman in this position.

The area is the fourth largest Australian city has now exceeded the size of 5400 sq km and stretches from the beaches on the Indian Ocean eastward to the foothills of the Darling Range. The center is located about ten kilometers in a straight line from the Indian Ocean inland. The City is situated where the Swan River expands to a lake. The estuary was expanded in 1886 by hydraulic engineer CY O'Connor to the port, but is part of the independent city of Fremantle. The Swan River is not navigated by larger vessels.

As the " soul of the city " refer to many citizens of Perth Kings Park, a 400 acre site on the outskirts of the City, which consists to a large extent even of indigenous Australian bushland. The southern part of the park is occupied by the Botanic Garden. There is a restaurant, sports facilities, monuments, an open- air cinema and space for picnics and hikes. From the height of the park also has a view of the Swan River, which widens at this point to a lake, and on the glass and concrete buildings on its banks. They are a result of the Western Australian mineral resource boom. Here some old building was removed for modern buildings. Perth, founded in 1829 by British settlers, also has old buildings such as the House of Government (1864 ), the Deanery (1859 ), the Town Hall ( 1867) or His Majesty's Theatre ( 1904). The oldest park is Stirling Gardens (1845 ), the oldest building is the Old Courthouse (1836 ). The largest building in Perth is the high-rise building Central Park with 226 meters and 51 floors, followed by Bank West building at 214 m and 52 floors.

Perth is considered a metropolis of sailing and water sports. The water temperature of the Indian Ocean is due to an ocean current coming from Antarctica, relatively low and is consistently at 20 to 22 ° C. Popular destination - including for divers - is located off the coast of Island " Rottnest Iceland " (short in the local dialect " Rotto ").

Perth is Catholic and Anglican Archbishop seat and among other things an important financial center. Also, here is a two mints of the continent Australia. Perth is the western terminus of the Trans- Australian Railway, the Indian Pacific Railway runs through the Nullarbor desert to Sydney.

From 3 to 18 December 2011, the RS were in Perth: X World Windsurfing Championship Course.

Culture and sights

The most important museums of Perth gathered in the cultural district of Perth Cultural Centre, it consists of the two art galleries Art Gallery of Western Australia and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts ( PICA ), the Western Australian Museum ( history and natural history ), the Alexander Library and the State Records Office ( State Archives of Western Australia ).

Since 2002 in Fremantle, the Western Australian Maritime Museum, which is dedicated to the theme of the sea from various points. There is II issued inter alia, the America's Cup racing yacht Australia.

The Perth Concert Hall is the main venue for classical concerts, ballet and theater performances.

Since 1953, takes place annually the aligned by the University of Western Australia Perth International Arts Festival, claims to be the oldest in Australia. The festival includes theater, dance, music, film, visual arts and literature.

The city has a zoo (on the other side of the Swan River) and the Aquarium of Western Australia in the north adjacent to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Direct to the city center adjacent to the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the Botanical Garden is an area of ​​18 acres about 2000 different plants from the region and is local bird species. The largest part of the total of about four square kilometers of the park consists of untreated bushes.

Transport and Infrastructure

The city of Perth is also the main transport hub in Western Australia because of its location and size. It has an international airport, urban bus and rail lines, ferry and several highways.

The use of public transport is free in the city center. A larger container and passenger port is located in the neighboring Fremantle.


Perth Airport is served both internationally and nationally and is a because of its position strategically important for aviation airport. He has an international and three national terminals and an area for general aviation. He is by passenger volume is the fourth largest airport in Australia.


The climate in Perth is mild, the sun shines almost every day between ten and fourteen hours. The Aborigines call this place as Alunga, which roughly translated means " place with lots of sun." Perth has dry and hot summers that are cooled near the coast in the afternoon on a regular basis by the stiff breeze of the Fremantle Doctor. In summer it can be an extremely hot days up to 46 ° C. The winters are generally mild with 17 ° C, but can also be cold to about 1 ° C.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Bob Marshall ( * 1910, † 2004), billiards champion, politician and businessman
  • Robert Krasker (1913-1981), cinematographer, Academy Award Winner, 1949 ( The Third Man )
  • Alwyn Kurts (1915-2000), actor ( McCloud )
  • Allan Cuthbertson (1920-1988), actor
  • John Winter (1924-2007), high jump Olympic champion
  • Alan Seymour (* 1927), writer
  • Gerard Kennedy ( born 1932 ), actor
  • Marshall Davidson Hatch ( born 1932 ), Australian biochemist and plant physiologist
  • Herb Elliott ( born 1938 ), Australian track and field athlete and Olympic champion
  • Gerard Sibbritt (* 1942), ballet dancer and dance teacher
  • Robin Anderson (1948-2002), film director, Oscar Nominations 1984
  • Kim Beazley (* 1948), politician
  • Sally Morgan ( born 1951 ), Aboriginal artist and writer
  • Steele Bishop ( b. 1953 ), cyclist
  • Peter M. Morley ( b. 1953 ), film producer, writer, actor
  • Judy Davis ( born 1955 ), actress
  • Alan Fletcher ( born 1957 ), actor
  • Tim Farriss ( b. 1957 ), composer ( INXS )
  • Jerome Ehlers (born 1958 ), actor
  • Tim Winton ( born 1960 ), writer
  • Andrew Forrest ( born 1961 ), entrepreneur
  • Steve Le Marquand (born 1967 ), actor
  • Pippa Grandison (born 1970 ), actress
  • Nick O'Hern (born 1971 ), professional golfer
  • Myles Pollard (born 1972 ), actor
  • Danny Green (born 1973 ), professional boxer
  • Henk Vogels (born 1973 ), cyclist
  • Darryn Hill ( b. 1974 ), cyclist
  • Rove McManus ( born 1974 ), film producer, writer, actor
  • Melissa Suzanne George (born 1976 ), actress and athlete
  • Sam Worthington (born 1976 ), actor
  • Brett Rumford ( born 1977 ), professional golfer
  • Nikola " Nik " Mrdja (born 1978 ), football player
  • Tamee Harrison ( b. 1979 ), Austrian pop singer
  • Heath Ledger (1979-2008) actor, Oscar Winners 2009
  • Richard Garcia ( born 1981 ), football player
  • Ryan Bayley ( b. 1982 ), racing cyclist
  • Adrian Anthony Madaschi ( b. 1982 ), football player
  • Neil David Tarka ( b. 1983 ), football player
  • Karl Reindler (* 1985), race car driver
  • David Micevski ( born 1986 ), football player
  • Rhys Anthony Williams ( * 1988), Australian- Welsh footballer
  • Christopher " Chris " Herd (* 1989), football player
  • Josephine Tomic (* 1989), cyclist
  • Daniel Ricciardo (* 1989), race car driver
  • Trent Sainsbury (* 1992), football player


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  • United States United States, Houston (1984 )
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Universities in Perth Area

  • Curtin University of Technology ( CURTIN ) in Perth
  • Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth
  • Murdoch University ( MURDOCH ) in Perth
  • University of Notre Dame Australia ( UNDA ) Fremantle
  • University of Western Australia ( UWA ) in Crawley