Albany Highway

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Western Australia

The Albany Highway is a highway in the south west of the Australian state of Western Australia. The highway runs northwest-southeast direction and is 410 km long. It connects the state capital Perth with the South Coast Highway in Albany, the oldest settlement on the south coast of Western Australia. The Albany Highway is generally regarded as the boundary between the South West and Great Southern region.


The Albany Highway has its origins in 1853 when William Crossman explored several possible routes for a road between Perth and Albany and described. Based on his reports of the construction of the Albany Road was approved. The construction was carried out initially as ground leveling and partly by securing wood blocks and limestone pavement. The work was carried by prisoners of the Swan River penal colony.


The Albany Highway begins in the city center of Perth Victoria Park neighborhood on the east bank of the Swan River. It begins at the junction with the coming of Fremantle ago Canning Highway ( N1), the distance from the center of Perth forth coming Causeway (S5 ) and the leading to Kalgoorlie Great Eastern Highway ( N94 ) ​​.

At the beginning of the Albany Highway is a two-lane road that provides access to the city center of Victoria Park, while the through traffic on the nearby and better -developed Shepperton Road is out. At the junction with the Welshpool Road Albany Highway is a six-lane expressway. At a length of 26 km, it serves as the main link road to the south-eastern suburbs of Perth, and is therefore characterized primarily by strong commuter traffic. It was only after the district Kelmscott the traffic situation eased somewhat since the outer suburbs of the Perth metropolitan area are achieved.

In Armadale, where the Albany Highway branches off to the southeast, the leading south South Western Highway (S20 ) begins. As a result, the landscape changes rapidly: Settlements along the highway are rare, instead characterize forests and farmland landscape. About 130 km after Armadale Williams is the first major settlement on the highway. Arthur River, Kojonup and Mount Barker in intervals of 40-100 km.

At Cranbrook hits from the east of the Great Southern Highway ( S120) on the Albany Highway. The closer one comes Albany, the more frequently eucalyptus plantations along the road. Just before crossing the Albany Highway Albany to South Coast Highway (R1 ) before it ends at the junction with Middleton Road, Albany.


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