South Coast Highway

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Western Australia

The South Coast Highway is a highway in the south of the Australian state of Western Australia. It is about 600 km long and runs in east-west direction more or less parallel to the southern coast of Australia. It connects the Coolgardie - Esperance Highway in Esperance with the South Western Highway in Walpole. The South Coast Highway is part of the National Highway 1


The South Coast Highway begins in Esperance, a town on the Great Australian Bight in the south of Western Australia. He can to some extent be seen as a continuation of the Coolgardie - Esperance Highway ( R1), which leads coming from the north into the city. The South Coast Highway leads to the west, past the Pink Lake, a lake that has retained its color and its name from an alga.

On the way to Ravensthorpe, about 190 kilometers west of Esperance, the highway passes several national parks, such as the Cape Arid National Park and the Cape Le Grand National Park, located along the coast. Near Ravensthorpe since 2007 operates the mining group BHP Billiton, a nickel and cobalt mine.

A further 300 km to the south-west is the city of Albany on the South Coast Highway. It has the largest natural harbor in the world and was the site of the first penal colony in Western Australia. Later, the city gained prominence as a whaling center. Today there are in place a whale museum and in the winter months, whale watching is offered as a tourist attraction. There are also around Albany several national parks and impressive rock formations on the coast. In Albany the Albany Highway branches off towards Perth and offers a more direct connection to the capital of the state as it's the drive along the coast.

50 km west of Albany is located the small town of Denmark. There is the Barometer Tower, which houses the largest with twelve meters barometer in the world.

The last 70 km of the South Coast Highway from Denmark to Walpole are marked by an impressive forests. It is known to Valley of the Giants with the Tree Top Walk in Walpole - Nornalup National Park. In Walpole South Coast Highway ends. His continuation forms the South Western Highway, which runs from Walpole to Perth.


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