She County, Hebei

Circle She (涉县/涉县) is a the district of the city of Handan in the south of Hebei province. It has an area of 1509 km ² and has about 380,000 inhabitants (2003 ).

Wahuanggong ( " Palace of the Goddess Nüwa " ) and stone carvings ( Wahuanggong ji Shike娲 皇宫 及 石刻), the site of the headquarters of the 129th Division of the "Eighth Route Army " ( Balujun yi- he - shi jiu silingbu Jiuzhi八路军 一 二九 师 司令 部 旧址) and the Shanmen of Chengtang temple ( miao Chengtang Shanmen成汤 庙 山门) from the time of the Jurchen Dynasty are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China.