Shire of Beverley

- 32.1116.91666666667Koordinaten: 32 ° 6 ' S, 116 ° 55' O The Shire of Beverley is a Local Government Area ( LGA) in the Australian state of Western Australia. The area is 2372 km ² and has about 1600 inhabitants.

Beverley is located in Western Australia's " wheat belt" on the Avon River about 130 km east of the capital, Perth. The seat of the City Council is located in the town of Beverley in the center of the LGA, where about 850 inhabitants.


The Beverley Council has nine members. They are (three from North, South and West Ward ) elected by the inhabitants of the three Wards. From the circle of Councillor also the Chairman of the Council ( Shire President) recruited.