Sierra de la Demanda

The Sierra de la Demanda is a mountains and a comarca of the Iberian mountain range on the borders of the provinces of Burgos, La Rioja and Soria. On its north side stands the subgroup of Montes de Ayago up. They are separated from the highest peaks of the Sierra de la Demanda by the river Tirón.

The Spanish part of St. James ( Camino de Santiago) touches the north of the mountain.

Highest summit

  • Pico San Lorenzo ( 2271 m)
  • Pico San Millan ( 2131 m)
  • Pico de la Mencilla (1932 m)

Several rivers and streams originate in the Sierra de la Demanda - the most important are:

  • Río Tirón
  • Río Urbión
  • Río Arlanzón
  • Río Arlanza


But most in the border communities Salas de los Infantes (about 2,100 ), Belorado ( about 2,000 ) and Pradoluengo ( 1350 ) in the province of Burgos - In the mountainous region of about 9,000 people live the communities Ezcaray, Santo Domingo de la Calzada and San Millán de la Cogolla in the La Rioja region belong in a broader sense to the Sierra de la Demanda. The core area of the Sierra, however, is inhabited only extremely thin; several smaller places have already been abandoned.


Is the ski resorts of Valdezcaray and Valle del Sol on the slopes of San Lorenzo. Other parts of the mountains are ideal for hiking in different degrees of difficulty.

The Romanesque churches of the Sierra de la Demanda also among the attractions of the mountains. Mentioned are primarily the churches of Jaramillo de la Fuente, Vizcaínos de la Sierra, Pineda de la Sierra, Riocavado de la Sierra, San Millán de Lara et al.


Some scenes of the Westerns " Wedding Crashers " ( The good, the bad and the ugly ) Sergio Leone (1966 ) were filmed in the area of ​​the Sierra de la Demanda.