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Sikaiana is a small atoll in the Pacific Ocean and part of the island nation of the Solomon Islands. The European "discoverer" named it " Stewart Islands ."


Sikaiana is located about 212 kilometers northeast of Malaita, the main island of Malaita Province and belongs to the same province. On the fringing reef of the atoll are four islands ( motus ): Sikaiana ( East), Matiuloto ( Faore ) ( west), Matuaui ( Mutuavi ) (southwest) and Tehaolei (northwest). The total land area of the islands is 181 acres .. The only shallow entrance to the lagoon, Te Avananua, located between the islands Matuiloto and Tehaolei in the West, otherwise the temporarily dry falling Ringriff is closed. The lagoon is called Te Moana. There are also two artificial islands, Te Palena and Hakatai'atata. The main village is situated on Tapuaki Sikaiana, the only inhabited island. Previously was also Tehaolei inhabited ..


Sikaiana is inhabited by approximately 300 people of Polynesian descent. Therefore, includes the islands of the group of Polynesian enclaves that are outside of the Polynesian triangle. The inhabitants speak one belonging to the Samoan branch of the Polynesian languages ​​Polynesian dialect called " Sikaiana ".