Treasury Islands

The Treasury Islands ( German " treasure islands " ) are a small island group in the Pacific Northwest Pacific Solomon Islands. The islands are politically to the Western Province of the island nation of Solomon Islands.


The largest islands are Mono and Stirling, which are separated by the estuary Blanche Harbor. Mono is a volcanic island, while Stirling is a flat island from the surrounding coral rock riffs of the mono.


The Treasury Islands were from the English naval officer John Shortland discovered in 1788 ( the Elder ), after which the neighboring Shortland Islands are named for the western world.

During World War II the islands were occupied by the Japanese troops in early 1942 and could be captured only in October 1943 by the New Zealand and U.S. troops through two amphibious landing.

The earthquake of 1 April 2007 and the subsequent tsunami taught to mono to significant damage.

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