Sogn is a traditional district in the western part of the country of Norway, in the province (county ) Sogn og Fjordane. The landscape surrounding the Sognefjord. Sogn consists of the municipalities of Aurland, Balestrand, Hyllestad, Høyanger, Gulen, Leikanger, Luster, Laerdal, Sogndal, Solund, Vik and Årdal.


  • Harald Gullskjegg ( Goldbart ), father of Ragnhild, first wife of Halfdan the Black
  • Halfdan the Black
  • Harald Fairhair

The name

The name is very old and has its origins in the name of the fjord ( Sognefjord ). The word derives from Suga ' suck ' and refers to the strong currents of the tide at the mouth of the fjord.